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Reasons to get health checkups


Despite a lot of people thinking it is a waste of money, it is in fact very important that you get health check-ups done at least quarterly or once a year. Getting this done will ensure that you are regularly screened for diseases without fail and can keep track of your health and make adjustments [...]

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What is food poisoning and what are its causes


In the briefest of words, food poisoning can be defined as a food borne illness that develops via eating spoilt, toxic or rotten food. While it can last quite a few days and is very uncomfortable, food poisoning is in fact very common, with at least 1 in six people contracting some form of it [...]

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Six ways to prevent food poisoning


Food poisoning is a condition caused via consumption of spoiled, rotten or toxic food. It is generally characterised by symptoms such like diarrhoea, dehydration, tiredness, vomiting or nausea etc. and can last up to 4-5 days or more. While food poisoning is extremely uncomfortable to experience and can drain your body and energy levels entirely, [...]

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Reasons to sign up for health insurance


Health insurance is the perfect example to compliment the saying ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’. None of us are invincible and hence, there is a definite chance for accidents to happen every minute. Thus, it is better to be prepared through a health insurance than to later lament the holes dug in [...]

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