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Knee + Joint Renew® Review: Does It Really Work?

Several times a year you’ll see a new supplement pop up on the market, claiming it really works, that it contains pure ingredients.

Unfortunately, most of these products either contain synthetic ingredients, or they’re so packed with fillers and additives that it’s almost impossible to know for sure how much of the main ingredient the supplement actually contains.

Not only that, but even filler packed supplements often come with a steep price tag and don’t provide the type of results you need.

You may have recently discovered Joint Renew and asked yourself, does it really work? In this review, we're going to answer that question completely.

What is Joint Renew?

Joint Renew is a nutritional supplement produced by the company Life Renew, a natural health supplement company based out of Boise, Idaho, that’s designed to promote joint health and flexibility.

This powerful supplement can nourish and lubricate joints in a matter of weeks and is designed to maintain strong, healthy joints and muscles.

It's made from all-natural ingredients, with none of the added preservatives and fillers that you’ll find in many competing products.

How Knee + Joint Renew Works

Knee+Joint Renew is one of those rare products that you can rely on to deliver the results the manufacturer promises it can.

While it won’t work to restore joint health overnight, what it can do is help you to maintain joint health for the foreseeable future. It’s also a great choice for anyone struggling to deal with fibromyalgia and joint pain

It’s a product lifters, athletes, bodybuilders, and people diagnosed with a joint-related condition can turn to if they’re searching for a natural alternative to pain management caused by joint injuries or degeneration. 

According to the manufacturer, Joint Renew can aid in recovery from worn out or damaged cartilage, providing the joints with the required nutrient support that the joints need in order to support healthy cartilage. 

The Ingredients

Knee+Joint Renew ingredients label

This dietary supplement contains 4 main ingredients that have been shown to support healthy joints, manage inflammation, promote mobility, and more.

What makes this formula unique is the addition of Bioperine, also known as Black Pepper Extract, to aid the absorption of all ingredients, thus increasing it's overall effectiveness.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswelia Serrata is used in Indian medicine for individuals with arthritic symptoms. This unique herb helps curb inflammation, one of the most common causes of joint discomfort. Mobility is often increased when swelling is reduced, due to the joint having more space to move freely.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-like water-holding molecule naturally produced by the body which helps increase synovial fluid in the joints. Synovial fluid is like lubrication, and the higher the levels the smoother the movements of the joints.

Nutrient delivery to joint cartilage is also increased along with more effective shock absorption and waste removal. Overall, Hyaluronic acid aids in joint function through increasing joint lubrication which naturally decreases discomfort and pain.

Meriva Bioavailable Curcumin

Curcumin is the most active ingredient in Turmeric, which is a popular joint remedy known for it's anti-inflammatory effects. Unlike regular Curcumin, Meriva is a unique, patented curcumin extract that uses phospholipids to penentrate the cell membranes, which results in a much higher bioavailibity of turmeric alkaloids.

These alkaloids help reduce pain and improve mobility. The curcuminoids inhibit inflammatory enzymes that lead to cartilage degradation as well as reducing common inflammatory markers such as ESR, IL-6, sCD40L, SVCAM-1, and IL-1beta.

UC-II Collagen

The most abundant protein in your body is collagen. It is like glue that holds together your skin, muscles, bones and joints. Unfortunately, as you get older your body produces less and less, leading to wrinkles and weaker, stiffer joints.

Consuming collagen can offer protection from normal wear and tear on cartilage, and even promote cartilage regeneration. Since it contains a hyaluronic acid molecule, it aids in the synovial fluid production. These factors help joints to rebuild and heal over time.

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract

While all of the above ingredients are great for your joints, none of them are effective unless your body can absorb them and get them to where they are needed most - your joints.

That's where Bioperine comes in, since it's primary role is increasing the bioavailability of all nutrients.


This supplement is produced by a company that has a solid background in the natural supplement industry. They claim that this product provides patented ingredients that are clinically proven across numerous scientific studies to support healthy joints.

Aside from the two major main ingredients, Joint Renew also contains essential amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that work together to promote healthy joints and halt joint deterioration. 

As you can see, this dietary supplement is based on all-natural ingredients. Designed to fight inflammation and improve mobility and performance, this supplement is fast-acting and can reduce pain and inflammation, in as little as one month. 

But it isn’t just designed to treat current joint issues.

In fact, it’s highly recommended as a daily supplement for anyone who wants to prevent joint pain, joint degeneration, and inflammation in the future.

Of course, this type of supplement is even more important in people who are highly active. 

What Knee + Joint Renew Can do 

As you know, the bones are connected by joints, which allows you to move around easily. When joint damage occurs, it can cause severe pain, hindering movement.

There are many conditions that can lead to joint pain ranging from pregnancy and aging to an untreated injury. This supplement is designed to promote stronger joints and repair existing tissue, making the joints less susceptible to injury and future degeneration. 

Joint Renew can improve joint health in people suffering from age-related joint degeneration or in athletes who are experiencing joint pain caused by intense workouts.

In fact, the company behind Joint Renew has been a major player in the health and fitness industry for over three decades and specializes in products designed for powerlifters, boxers, athletes, and even bodybuilders.

So, you can feel confident that Life Renew is an experienced company that knows the importance of a well-balanced dietary supplement that contains only the highest quality all-natural ingredients. 

This product contains five core ingredients that have been chosen to enhance both bone and muscular structure in order to prevent any type of potential complication caused by the body’s degeneration due to intense training or aging.

However, this product has not been tested by the FDA. Additionally, it should not be used by anyone with a shellfish allergy, vegans, or vegetarians since it contains shellfish. 

Does Joint Renew Really Work?

Unlike an over the counter anti-inflammatory or medication specifically designed to treat joint-related pain, Joint Renew will not immediately reduce pain and discomfort.

It can take up to one month to build up in the system and take effect. However, since this supplement is so powerful, you can rely on it to help prevent any joint pain and inflammation in the future. 

It’s also a great supplement to take in combination with a high-quality turmeric supplement such as Turmeric Plus.

Both supplements will work together to prevent inflammation in the joints and tissues, which can equal a faster recovery time after a workout and overall improved joint health for the future.

To learn more about other leading joint health supplements, click here to view our joint supplement buyer's guide.

Many people may mistakenly stop taking Joint Renew if they don’t experience results right away, but that’s not how this product works.

Remember, the manufacturer states that it supplement can take four to five weeks before you notice results, although there have been some reports that the supplement can work in as little as two weeks. 

Final Conclusion and Rating

If you’ve ever experienced joint pain due to an injury, or you’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis or arthritis, then you know that taking over the counter or prescription anti-inflammatory medications can have severe side effects. These medications can even be life-threatening, especially for people who suffer from certain gut or cardiovascular conditions.

Known side effects associated with over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatories can include blood in the stool, severe GI upset, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

Joint Renew contains all-natural ingredients and causes no known side effects. It’s gentle on the GI tract so people suffering from ulcers or those with a sensitive stomach can still enjoy all the benefits of a joint supplement without any of the unwanted side effects.

It’s also priced reasonably and provides an all-natural way to maintain joint health for the future.

Where To Buy

Recommended for people who are currently experiencing joint pain and as a preventative against joint pain in the future, this supplement has a lot to offer anyone searching for a natural way to combat inflammation and improve joint health. We gave this product a rating of five out of five stars.
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