Nerve Renew ​Review: Does It Really Work? Do The Ingredients Relieve The Numbness and Pain Caused by Peripheral Neuropathy?

UPDATE: We only recommend directly purchasing from the official website here.

Burning and tingling nerve pain in right arm illustration

After several years of suffering from the tingling and burning caused by neuropathy and nerve damage, I learned that treating peripheral neuropathy successfully can be very challenging.

Sometimes vitamins and supplements can sometimes help relieve the stabbing, throbbing and burning pains.

But not all of them work as promised, while some don't even work at all.

So when I first discovered Nerve Renew, a supplement that promises relief from the pain, burning, and tingling symptoms in as little as 2-4 months, I assumed it was just like all the other supplements available online with big promises that only lead to big disappointments. And of course, I was very skeptical.

Since I had already tried different treatments like anti-depressants, anti-convulsant medications, TENS therapy, and even acupuncture and massages, I was willing to almost anything to get real relief. Even if it only provided minor relief, enough to get some basic activities done and walk around with less pain, in my opinion it would be 100% worth it.

If you have peripheral, diabetic neuropathy or severe nerve pain, you've probably tried many treatments with the hope of real relief. And you'll keep trying different treatments until one of them gives you real relief.

So before we go any further, I must be honest with you... even though Nerve Renew helped me and many others, I cannot promise it will give you instant results, because each individuals symptoms and condition is different.

I wrote this detailed review about the company and how each of carefully chosen ingredients may help restore your nerves, in order to help you decide if Nerve Renew can actually help you treat and hopefully reverse your symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Who Is The Neuropathy Treatment Group?

Wes Jones is the brains behind Nerve Renew. He developed this supplement a decade ago after finding out that his father has neuropathy. The doctors told him there was nothing that could be done. All they did was prescribed a painkiller to ease the pain.

This became the motivating factor for Wes and he stared his research on developing the perfect supplement that would not just easy neuropathy pain but also help regenerate the nerves. After a year, he came up with Nerve Renew — a supplement with natural ingredients that defends the nerves from underlying causes of peripheral neuropathy and provides relief.

LifeRenew was found in 2010 and since then, has served more than 200,000 satisfied customers. The company abides by 3 rules: ZERO unhappy customers, science backed formulas and 100% money-back guarantee.

The company stands behind each of its product 100% and encourages customers to reach out for a full refund if they don’t feel any change in their nerve pain.

Their mission is to not just impress the customers with the products they offer but wow them with their customer service and leave a good impression.

What Is Nerve Renew?

60 capsule bottle of Nerve Renew neuropathy support supplement

Visit any website that sells Nerve Renew and you will find a similar sort of statement on the landing page.

While the information and reviews will convince you well enough, you will still be left thinking, “Is the supplement that effective as people are claiming it to be?”

According to Neuropathy Relief Guide, Nerve Renew was first introduced to the public by the name Neuropathy Support Formula.

It is a nutritional supplement, which is said to improve neuropathy symptoms such as tingling in the hands, legs, and feet. The supplement also strengthens nerve lining, improves coordination and balance, and reduces anxiety and stress.

Deficiencies of certain vitamins, including vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12, and E, are known to cause peripheral neuropathy, and Nerve Renew claims to help people relive pain from this condition.

How Does It Work?

Nerve Pain in feet illustration

Nerve Renew delivers the necessary nutrients required by the body, directly to the cell membranes. This promotes cellular function and eases pain in the nerve cells. The ingredients in this supplement have been activated and stabilized so that they are absorbed fully.

The main ingredient is Vitamin B1, which is a different form of vitamin called Benfotiamine. Since the body absorbs this Vitamin B1 3.6 times faster, it is more far more effective at relieving neuropathy than generic b1.

With all the ingredients combined, the supplement helps develop vascular supply to the brain, as well as the affected region. As a result, most of the nerve function is restored.

What Are The Ingredients?

All neuropathy supplements contain a blend of B Vitamins. According to a study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, B Vitamins show promising results in the treatment of neuropathy.

The study analyzed previously conducted 13 studies and found out that and compared Vitamin B results with that of a placebo. It was concluded that the study in which the participants received high doses of B Vitamins was the most effective.

The manufacturers of Nerve Renew claim that they have perfected the formula with 3 active ingredients that promote nerve pain relief by boosting the absorption rate.

Following are the ingredients that Nerve Renew contains:

  • Vitamin B1: Benfotiamine is an improved form of B1 and is the 1st active ingredient that is easily absorbed by the body directly into the cells. Clinically, it is proven that Vitamin B1 deficiency in any form can cause peripheral neuropathy. Taken in the right amount and through right sources, it can boost nerve health and even regenerate damaged nerves.
  • Vitamin B2: Known as Riboflavin, this B vitamin has been proven quite effective in not just slowing down nerve damage but also controlling it so that other nerves don’t get damaged in the process.
  • Vitamin B6: This vitamin works as a brain and nerve tonic that helps increase the body’s vascular supply functions by reversing nerve damage. The effects of Vitamin B6 have been clinically proven to reduce the risk of sensory neuropathy at low doses.
  • Vitamin B12: Methylcobalamin is a bioavailable form of Vitamin B12, which gradually regenerate nerves by increasing protein synthesis.
  • Stabilized R-Alpha Lipoic Acid: 300mg of stabilized R-alpha lipoic acid eases nerve damage symptoms due to its powerful anti-oxidant properties. Alpha Lipoic Acid is clinically proven that it can relieve nerve pain, along with other related symptoms.
  • Vitamin D: It helps boost blood circulation, which restores feeling in body parts affected with peripheral neuropathy. It promotes vascular repair and eases nerve pain.

Herbal Ingredients

Along with the vitamins and stabilized R, Nerve Renew also contains a couple of herbal extracts that work together to reduce pain and inflammation. As a result, a soothing feeling spreads throughout the nervous system, which minimizes nerve pain without serious side effects. The other ingredients include:

  • Feverfew Extract: Reduces inflammation and provides relief from nerve pain. (1)
  • Oat Straw Extract: Helps soothe itchy skin. (2)
  • Skullcap Extract: Tranquilizes the central nervous system by increasing blood supply. (3)
  • Passion Flower: Helps reduce anxiety and stress. (4)

Does Nerve Renew Really Work?

Not only does Nerve Renew work and help relieve neuropathy symptoms naturally, due its special combination of herbs and vitamins, it has several benefits compared to conventional medications also.

  • Most users report seeing positive results within 1-3 months. The company recommends taking it for 4 months for optimal results.
  • Although most people see results after a month or two, there are a few cases where relief is achieved in 1-4 weeks. However, these cases are more rare.
  • There are no known interactions with medications due to the ingredients being all natural and throughly tested.
  • The ingredients are naturally sourced in the USA and the manufacturing process follows strict government standards and regulations.
  • Each batch is screened for heavy metals, contaminants, and pesticides while also being tested for purity.
  • Near infrared testing is used to ensure the body is able to absorb the ingredients.

What Are The Side Effects of Nerve Renew?

After much research and testing, no side effects were reported by customers. You can chalk this advantage up to the natural ingredients in this supplement. However, high amounts of B Vitamins may cause side effects like diarrhea and urination, so it's suggested to stick with the recommended dosage on the label.

Customer Reviews

Common Complaints

A few customer complaints are clinically backed. According to the studies published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Medicine, and the journal of Drug Safety — high amounts of Vitamin B12 and B6 can cause peripheral neuropathy, especially in diabetic patients. (1, 2)

January 21, 2019 by Johnie L. Smith 

“My blood sugar has went crazy, I stopped taking this product hope to control blood sugar…” 

A customer by the name Johnie L. Smith wrote in his that Nerve Renew didn’t work for him at all. It didn’t reduce the pain in his feet and in fact, long term use of this supplement raised his blood sugar level. He stopped using the product immediately and warned not to use the product by hitting that Nerve Renew is not medically approved.

May 24, 2019 by Linda L. Quicksell

“No positive results yet.”

A customer by the name Linda wrote in her review that the product didn’t work for her. She didn’t experience any positive results but did not list down the negatives or report any side effects.

February 11, 2019 by TwinMom

“Pricey experiment that didn’t work for me.”

A customer by the name TwinMom wrote a long review, describing her experience with the neuropathy supplement. The pain didn’t subside and on top of that, she found it way too pricey.

Recent Customer Reviews

May 26, 2019 by Cay (NY, United States)

​“Before using nerve renew and nerve repair I couldn't sleep…”

A satisfied customer by the name Cay wrote that her pain and the tingling sensation in her feet reduced considerably, which allowed her to sleep peacefully.

April 16, 2019 by JB. (Auckland, New Zealand)

“I am a diabetic with neuropathic pain. Nerve renew really helps with my pain.”

A satisfied customer by the initials JB wrote in his review that Nerve Renew helps him deal with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

August 8, 2018 by Frances M (Florida)

“My wife has been using Nerve Renew for years now. She has tried others, they don’t come close to stopping the pain.”

A customer by the name Frances wrote a glowing review. He was extremely happy with how the neuropathy supplement helped his wife treat her nerve pain. He even said that after trying many other neuropathy supplements, she finally found Nerve Renew and no supplement comes close to it relieving the pain.


  • Along with treating nerve pain, it also helps reduce anxiety and promote sleep
  • It improves your body’s coordination
  • There are no side effects
  • It improves blood circulation, which restores connection to the nerves
  • The 100% money-back guarantee allows customers to test the product


  • There are plenty of mixed reviews about the price of the product. For those people who experienced no change in their pain, claimed that the supplement was a scam
  • The product is only available online
  • ​Certain ingredients not recommended for pregnant women
  • Must take for 1-3 months for optimal results

Money Back Guarantee

Even if you are skeptical about buying this product, we suggest giving it a try because LifeRenew offers 100% money-back guarantee within a year.

Overall Rating

The overall rating of this product is 5-star. As mentioned earlier, with no signs of side effects, we would recommend peripheral neuropathy patients to try Nerve Renew.

What's The Price?

A single bottle of Nerve Renew costs $69. The bottle contains 60 capsules for 1 months (2 capsules a day). There is also an option for a 2-week trial for only $6.97 in shipping and handling.

Our Final Opinion

So you're probably wondering, is this a scam? Do we recommend it? The truth is, even though there are a few complaints and the website makes some bold promises, after trying it myself and reading hundreds of other reviews from satisfied customers, we can confidently recommend Nerve Renew. Most importantly, with no reported side effects taking the recommended dosage, this product is safe to take for the majority of people. At the end of the day, I give Nerve Renew my 100% recommendation.

Where To Buy

We recommend against buying from third parties such as Walmart, Amazon, or GNC and instead buy Nerve Renew from the official website for the Neuropathy Treatment Group. Your purchase is protected by a 365 day money back guarantee and customer service is easily accessible via phone or email. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is a one-month supply. Also, you can try it for free for 2 weeks to test this nerve supplement and see results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

According to the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy, around 300 million people in the US suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy.

The number one factor that causes this condition is diabetes. 70% diabetics have diabetic PN, which mostly affects the arms and legs. When untreated, around 54,000 of cases result in amputations each year.

The peripheral nervous system connects your nerves running from the brain to the spinal cord, more accurately known as your central nervous system. These nerves then spread to the rest of the body parts, which include your hands, feet, arms, legs, face, mouth, and internal organs.

In simple terms — the nerves’ job is to send signals from the body parts to your brain about physical sensations. Peripheral neuropathy is caused when these nerves malfunction due to being destroyed or damaged.

As a result, the normal function of these nerves is disrupted and they start sending fake pain signals to the brain, even when there is nothing causing the pain. It’s also possible that the nerves might not send any signals even when there is an injury, which causes a wound to fester and become infected.

So how does peripheral neuropathy occur? There are plenty of things that can cause it such as an injury, which we already mentioned above. Other than that, there’s systematic illness, an inherited disorder, and an infection.

What Nerves Are Involved In Peripheral Neuropathy?

The three nerves that are involved in peripheral neuropathy are the sensory nerves that connect to the skin, motor nerves that connect to the muscles, and autonomic nerves that connect to the internal organs. When any one of these nerves is damaged, the following symptoms make themselves known:

  • Tingling in the feet and hands
  • A suffocating feeling as if you’re a wearing a tight sock or glove
  • Stabbing and sharp pains
  • Numbness in feet and hands
  • A heavy, weak feeling as if your legs and arms are locked in 0place
  • Clumsiness (dropping things)
  • A shocking or buzzing sensation
  • Drop in the blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Deficiencies of certain vitamins, including vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12, and E

Can I take Nerve Renew With My Other Medications?

It's recommended you speak with your doctor about this. However, we can say that since all ingredients are natural vitamins or herbs, the risk of interactions is minimal for most people.

nect to the muscles, and autonomic nerves that connect to the internal organs. When any one of these nerves is damaged, the following symptoms make themselves known:

  • Tingling in the feet and hands
  • A suffocating feeling as if you’re a wearing a tight sock or glove
  • Stabbing and sharp pains
  • Numbness in feet and hands
  • A heavy, weak feeling as if your legs and arms are locked in 0place
  • Clumsiness (dropping things)
  • A shocking or buzzing sensation
  • Drop in the blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Deficiencies of certain vitamins, including vitamin B-1, B-6, B-12, and E

How Long Does It Take For Nerve Renew To Work?

Most customers report feeling results like a reduction of pain, tingling, and burning sensations with 1-3 months. The company recommends taking it for at least 3-4 months to give time for the nutrients to build up in your body and affect your nerves.

Nerve Renew

Ingredients 9.7
Safety 9.5
Guarantee 9.8


  • Ingredients are backed by clinical studies
  • 365 day money back guarantee
  • Hundreds of positive customer reviews


  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Need to take for 2-3 months for best results