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Nerve Shield Review: Does Redd Remedies Formula Really Work?

The causes of peripheral neuropathy can vary from person to person, but what does not change is that many Americans suffer from this condition every year.

Symptoms such as pain, burning, and muscle weakness can sneak up on victims and slowly worsen over time before becoming completely debilitating. A patient who sufferers from neuropathy has a much lower quality of life than someone who does not.

If you are looking for a solution to this ever-present problem, you may already be familiar with the pharmaceutical injections and drugs route. While these options are available, they often only provide a limited amount of support and a full range of side effects. That is why many patients lean towards supplements to ease their pain.

One of these supplement options is Redd Remedies Nerve Shield. The word "supplement" tends to get a lot of negative press and has connotations of doing little or only having a placebo effect. However, many supplements actually have significant scientific backing to support their results.

Read on as we fully examine the ingredients and effectiveness of this product so you can make your own decision on its usefulness for your symptoms.

What Is Nerve Shield?

Nerve Shield by Redd Remedies

Nerve Shield is a formula designed to address multiple body systems and promote overall healthy nerve functions.

This supplement includes various ingredients that work together to encourage full myelin sheath health as well as nerve structure.

It also helps to initiate an inflammatory response, good circulation, and antioxidant protection for the patient.

Overall, the goal is to target a user's peripheral nervous system by utilizing a comprehensive combination of vitamins, amino acids, and various other nutrients. Nerve Shield is for those who suffer from neuropathy and not had success with other medicinal products.

About REDD Remedies

REDD Remedies, located in Bradley, IL, is the creator of this product. The company itself spent years in development for this particular supplement, as they had to carefully select the combination of vitamins, natural herbs, and minerals to work together.

Founded by CEO Dan Chapman, the story of this business dates back to the 1950s, when Chapman's mother suffered from a variety of ailments. After years of searching for a solution, she found solstice in changing up her diet.

By eating organically grown foods, many of her symptoms disappeared. This established connection between the way a body responds to food ingestion led to his parents opening a health food store and sharing their findings.

This family-grown passion for healthy consumption and living led to Chapman developing a desire to continue exploring the supplement industry. He began developing his formulas to work faster and better, and before long, REDD Remedies was born. 

He has dedicated his life to providing the highest quality natural ingredients for holistic nerve health treatments.

How Does Nerve Shield Work?

So how does this neuropathy supplement work exactly? To reduce numbness and pain in users, it works to repair any damage to the nerves. Users should take a tablet twice a day with meals to experience maximum effectiveness.

The formula helps to protect and nourish the myelin sheath so that it can better protect the nerves in turn. All of the key nutrients needed for optimal health are included and combined to be easily absorbed and circulated throughout the body.

Nerve Shield Ingredients

Ingredients in 2 tablets of Nerve Shield

The packaging of this supplement is refreshingly transparent about what actually goes into making it. The ingredients included in this product are:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - This ingredient supports healthy nerve function. Apha Lipoic Acid has shown to reverse or delay peripheral neuropathy as it can increase reduced glutathione. This endogenous antioxidant is very important, but it is just one of the multiple antioxidant properties that Alpha Lipoic Acid is fortunate to possess.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine - Normal nerve fiber structure tends to need additional support, which is what Acetyl L-Carnitine, or ALCAR, is here for. Research has shown that this promotes NGF, the nerve growth factor that stimulates the regeneration of peripheral nerves. This, in turn, can alleviate pain for patients.
  • B-Vitamins - The myelin sheath is made up of lipids, and B-vitamins maintain the structural integrity of these lipids. A 2008 study showed that diabetic neuropathy benefitted from benfotiamine. However, the actual benefits of this item for treating neuropathy are not conclusive.
  • Phellodendron and Cang Zhu Atractylodes - Native to China, these two traditional herbs are known to help move qi around the body. There have been many studies surrounding the possible benefits of Chinese medicine for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. Evidence in favor of the benefits of Chinese medicine date back to the ancient Ming dynasty.
  • Phosphatidyl Complex - Another helpful ingredient thanks to its lipid count. 76% of the myelin sheath is comprised of these compounds, which is why they need all the backup they can get. This complex has a snowball effect – ultimately resulting in the regulation of peripheral nerve regeneration.

Nerve Shield Benefits

When working as advertised, it can offer patients a variety of key benefits, including:

  • Strong Myelin Sheath Protection - Sporadic damage can cause the sheath to become destroyed, which leads to nerve damage.
  • Enhanced Circulation - One of the ingredients, turmeric, is known to support blood flow.
  • Formula Treats Inflammation - This formula directly tackles inflammation, which is a major cause of pain or discomfort.
  • Diet-Friendly – If you are vegetarian or gluten-free, this supplement is compatible with your diet
  • Affordable Price – You can order a bottle of 120 tablets for around $30

Nerve Shield Side Effects

Despite being made up of natural ingredients, Nerve Shield still comes with its fair share of side effects, although every patient may have their own unique experience. The side effects of this supplement include:

  • P65 Warning - This product lists a California P65 Warning, stating that it can potentially expose users to harmful chemicals such as lead. Lead has been known to cause birth defects, cancer, and other negative side-effects.
  • Digestive Issues - While the added Vitamin B in the formula is helpful, it can also be the source of some unfortunate side effects. If your level of Vitamin B increases, it can lead to abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Nerve Shield Complaints

This product does well across the board for the majority of customer reviews. However, there are a few complaints that stick out.

The most common customer complaints deal with the negative side effects, such as diarrhea and vomiting. Another customer reported seeing no noticeable change in their nerve pain at all. 

Unfortunately, these complaints were not written in-depth, and so it is unclear whether or not they had chosen to take the product for the full 90 days as recommended.

Nerve Shield Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Review forums have received a plethora of positive responses from people who suffer from various kinds of neuropathic pain. Phil B, for example, says:

"After using this product for two months my neuropathy seemed better."

Another said:

"I had bought a lot of products. Ointments, medicated creams, and pills. Nothing works. Then I got this. Finally, my leg is all better."

Carol K reported:

"I have used this product for some time now and it is amazing."

Final Conclusion: Is It Legit?

Overall, Nerve Shield is worth considering if you suffer from nerve pain, such as neuropathy. This powerful formula comes together to address multiple symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

The reported results are positive (for the most part), and many users appreciate the natural approach to the ingredients as they work to prevent further damage. This is one of a few other products that emphasize myelin sheath health, which can make a huge difference to anyone with neuropathy.

However, it has significant downsides that you might regret later. One of the main downsides is that to determine its effects on your body fully, you must take it for a full 90 days. This timeframe far surpasses the 30-day money-back guarantee. You might not be able to decide if the supplement is working before having to pay for it. You also may encounter some of the negative side effects if you try this supplement. 

Where to Buy Nerve Shield

You can find listings for this product on well-known company websites such as Amazon and Walmart, and even across smaller lesser-known websites. However, it's best not to buy from these third-party sellers. We have the link to the official website right here. That way, you know you're getting this product directly from REDD Remedies. 

You can purchase this in two different sizes, 60 tablets or 120 tablets, costing $31.99 or $59.99, respectively. This product comes with a limited 30-day money-back guarantee, which is unfortunately not long enough to fully experience whether or not it is working for you or not.

Our Alternate Recommendation

If you're worried about the short money-back guarantee and the side effects, another highly rated supplement you can try is Nerve Renew Advanced Nerve Support Formula. We recommend this option because it also comes with the purchase of a money-back guarantee.

Most guarantees for supplements in this department only offer a 30-60 day guarantee, if anything at all, which is not enough time to judge the results from using such a product.

On the other hand, Nerve Renew offers a full year window for their money-back guarantee. This gives patients plenty of time to decide whether or not Nerve Renew works for them. This supplement also contains B vitamins as well as vitamin D3 to increase circulation and maintain nerve receptors better.