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Saalt Cup Review: Are These The Best Menstrual Cups?

Tampons and pads cannot be all things to all people. They leak, and it seems as if this happens at the most inopportune times.

What's even worse is the fact that women in countries like Venezuala and around the world haven't been able to purchase menstrual aids in the last several years.

It seems now is no better time for an alternative option to solve this problem in a way that also offers you much better period care.

Fortunately that time is now here.

The product that is going to solve the problems that pads and tampons have been causing is called the Saalt Menstrual Cup.

What Is The Saalt Cup?

Saalt cups

Tampons were invented by a man in 1931, and the precursor to the Saalt was invented in 1937 by a woman. The Saalt has recently been improved, and women are responsible for it. In addition to that, the Saalt Cup is even better than the original Saalt.

The Saalt Cup is a menstrual cup that is made out of silicone, and it is incapable of leaking. The Saalt doesn't absorb your menstrual flow like other menstrual aids. It is a cup, so it collects the liquid, and this is much more beneficial to you than the menstrual aids that absorb the liquid.

How Is It Different?

The Saalt Cup is different from tampons or pads in another important way. You need to change those other menstrual aids every three or four hours, but you can leave a Saalt in place for as long as 12 hours. This means that you can do whatever you have to do without ever having to run to the bathroom to change your pad.

About The Company

Cherie is one of the founders of the Saalt Cup, and she remembers a conversation that she was having with her aunt.

This aunt told her that tampons and pads had not been in the stores in Venezuela in many years.

Cherie has five girls, and she couldn't imagine being in a place that didn't have a way for a girl to remain sanitary when she is experiencing her period.

Cherie wanted to share a menstrual aid with girls all over the world so that they can stop experiencing this type of lack in their lives.

She thought of all the unsafe and unsanitary ways that a girl could deal with her period, and she was heartbroken.

Cherie went to work to find a solution to the problem that she could share with the world, and she came up with a menstrual cup that she called the "Saalt Cup."

Cherie isn't just selling the Saalt; she also wants to share her company's profits so that she can fund her charitable work. Every time someone purchases a Saalt Cup, a share of the profits goes toward giving the Saalt away.

How Does the Saalt Cup Work?

How does the Saalt menstrual cup work

The Saalt Cup works when a woman inserts it into herself. The menstrual cup becomes a tight barrier against fluid that makes it incapable of leaking out.

Other menstrual aids have to be changed multiple times a day. Otherwise, they begin to smell and leak. They can also cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, and that can be deadly.

The Saalt Cup can hold as much fluid as three to four tampons, and it doesn't smell. This is a worry-free manner of dealing with your period, and menstrual cups are pretty too.

In many reviews, people share how much they love the shape and size of the Salt. They love how comfortable it fits and how nice it feels within their body. The menstrual cup has one removable soft stem, and that stem can be used for the easy removal of all menstrual cups.

If you would rather not have the stem peeking out of your vagina, you can always remove it. It is the perfect solution that ladies have always wanted, especially for those with a high cervix.

The Main Benefits of the Saalt Cup

A woman holding a Saalt cup in her hand
  • The Saalt Cup is capable of holding three or four more times the fluid that tampons can hold. That's why you can leave the cup in for so long. Some women cannot believe that this is real, but it is.
  • The Saalt Cup is made from the finest ingredients. These include medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and compliant with FDA rules and regulations. The cup is also free of latex, BPA and chemicals. The FDA doesn't regulate tampons and pads, so these products may be contaminated with bleaching agents, chemicals and pesticides. Tampons and pads are also made of cotton, and cotton is known to wreak havoc with a woman's pH balance. This is what causes yeast infections.
  • The Saalt menstrual cup is also highly unlikely to cause TSS. Tampons can cause TSS because they are left inside the vagina for a long time, and this gives them enough time for bacteria to grow. The Saalt menstrual cup doesn't absorb the menstrual flow, so the risk of TSS is much lower.
  • The Saalt menstrual cup is reusable, and it lasts for up to 10 years.
  • The Saalt cup only needs to be changed twice a day.
  • The Saalt cup doesn't cause any odors.
  • Also comes in a double pack with both sizes along with a carry bag

Side Effects of the Saalt Cup

The Saalt Cup doesn't have any side effects. The reason that it doesn't have the side effects of pads is because this cup is regulated by the FDA. The cup doesn't contain any cotton like other menstrual aids, so it doesn't contain any of the pesticides, chemicals or bleaches that the other menstrual aids can have.

Other menstrual aids may cause TSS, but these period cups do not because the cup doesn't absorb your menstrual blood. Instead, it holds it inside the menstrual cup. This is much safer because when your menstrual flow is absorbed within cotton, it is an excellent place for bacteria to grow. The cup doesn't allow bacteria to grow and fester inside of your body.

The cup also does not make it possible for the bacteria to enter your bloodstream as can happen with other menstrual products. Those menstrual products can cause vaginal tearing when you pull them out and insert them into the vagina. When this tearing occurs, the bacteria enters your bloodstream, but this does not happen with the cup.

Do Menstrual Cups Stretch You Out?

The cup will not stretch you out. It comes in two sizes, small size, and the larger size is known as "regular" so you have options to choose which one feels better inside your body. When you insert the cup, the smooth rim offers a nice, close fit to prevent leaks without it being excessively tight or irritating your bladder.

It will remain in place because a suction seal will form between the walls of your vagina to create that close fit. While the cup sits inside of your body, it shouldn't move at all because it will be so close to your vaginal walls. The cup is comfortable enough for a girl to forget that she is on her period.

Is a Menstrual Cup Safe?

Yes, a menstrual cup is safe. You have a much higher risk of TSS with a tampon or a pad, and the cup doesn't cause any embarrassing odors. Just make sure to wash your hands if you touch any blood.

Does a Menstrual Cup Hurt?

No, the menstrual cup doesn't hurt. It is completely the opposite, because the shape of cup is designed to be super easy to insert and comfortable enough for you to wear and forget that you have it inside of your body.

It is designed to be nice and soft and won't irritate your blood or cause cramps. For most women, tampons can dry you out quickly and become painful after a few days of use.

How Much Does a Saalt Cup Hold?

The Light Flow cup holds liquid that is produced in a light to normal day, and the Regular Flow cup holds the liquid produced during a normal or heavy period.

This means that the Light cup holds the amount that two to three tampons can hold, and the Regular cup can hold as much as the capacity that three to four tampons can hold.

The Light Saalt Cup has as much as 25 mL of fluid capacity, and the other cup has up to 30 mL of fluid capacity. A tampon can only hold as much as 8 mL of fluid.

Some women choose to use both sizes throughout their cycle to help minimize leaks. They use regular size for the first one or two days, then they switch to the smaller size for the remainder of their cycle.

How Long Do Saalt Cups Last?

The cup will last as long as 10 years if you care for the cup properly.

Customer Complaints for the Cup in Amazon Reviews

One customer named "Mckenzie" complained that the cup began to disintegrate after just three periods. She doesn't recommend this cup, but she does recommend the diva cup.

Mrs. Garcia's only major complaint is that she couldn't get the cup to open up all of the way.

Saalt Cup Reviews

Saalt cup review after Saalt cup review were much more positive and encouraging, like the following:

Review by Bethany

"Bethany Shroder" wrote in a long review that the cup is a "game changer." The cup literally "changed her life." She absolutely loves it.

Review by Brent Williams

"Brent S. Williams' fiancee" wrote in her review that she loves the cup. "I have been a diva cup user for several years now and loved it, but if possible, I love the Saalt cup even more! It is more soft and comfortable, doesn't cause any cramping, and holds more than the diva cup with no leaks!"

Review by Nicole

"Nicole" wrote the following review: "This product is amazing! I actually have purchased two! I have used other cups in the past and have had some difficulty. After a short learning curve, I was able to use this cup with ease. I couldn't feel it and did not experience any leaking!"


There are so many more positive posts for the Saalt than there are negatives that it doesn't seem like a difficult decision at all to decide to try the cup. The cup did have a problem with disintegration, but this may have been because this one particular reviewer received a faulty cup. We think the idea of never having to pack a box of tampons is totally worth it.

The majority of the reviewers didn't have this problem, and they were extremely happy with the Saalt. Reviewers were also enthusiastic about the fact that this cup does not pose a risk for TSS. Overall, the cup appears to be an excellent alternative to a tampon or a pad.

After you have bought the Saalt, you may return it with our 90-day, money back guarantee. You can return the Saalt no matter how many times you have used the cup. Please don't buy your Saalt on Amazon or Walmart, but rather support the company's mission and shop for your Saalt by clicking on one of the links below to their website.

Where To Buy Saalt Cups

The best place to purchase one Saalt for $27.00 is from their official website here.

The cup will come in packaging that is discreet and pretty. As a special exclusive promotion, the company offers 1 FREE cup when you BUY 2, plus FREE shipping.