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Upright Go Posture Trainer Review

Most of us remember being a kid and sitting in uncomfortable chairs in school that were geared at improving posture. Yet, in spite of it being drilled into our heads since children, many of us as adults still struggle with sitting up straight.

With the increased use of keyboards, smart-phones, tablets, and other devices, people are spending more time hunched over than before. At desks at work or offices and sofas at home, we’re all guilty.

Why is having good posture so important? Improper posture (over time) can lead to a myriad of problems, stemming from minor annoyances to major medical conditions.

For Example, Poor Posture can Lead to:

  • Upper or Lower Chronic Back Pain
  • Rounded or Sunken Shoulders
  • Potbelly
  • Gas Buildup and Digestive Issues
  • Muscle Fatigue and Pain
  • Tension
  • Impaired Circulation
  • Joint Degeneration
  • Spinal Dysfunction
  • Headaches
  • Slipped Discs
  • Pinched Nerves
  • And More

So, what can you do to correct poor posture without spending a fortune on chiropractors? This review will cover the positive and negative benefits to using the Upright Go Posture Trainer.

How The Upright Trainer Works

The Upright Go is different from other posture trainers in that it is small and discrete. The device can actually fit in the palm of your hand. Once adhered to the top of the back, the device itself is barely noticeable under most types of clothing, making it easy to wear discreetly at home or at work.

Other corrector devices often utilize a strap around the upper body, limiting movement and making for a quite uncomfortable experience. These devices can also cause chafing and increase sweating. It is worth noting that the Upright Trainer does neither of these things. You probably won’t even notice it is there until you start to slouch.

What Is Included With The Device?

When purchasing the device your order includes a carrying case, alcohol cleaning pads (for making sure your skin is clean before attaching), and a pack of adhesives. The number of adhesive pads you will receive depends on the package you order. If you suffer from oily or sensitive skin, you may want to try skin tape instead of the adhesives that come with the device.

If you don’t have skin problems or experience any irritation, it’s possible to get up to ten days of use from one adhesive strip.

Setting Up The Upright Go

We like simple. Frankly, no one should have to have an engineering degree to use a product. In this regard the Upright Go shines. Setup is fast and easy.

The first step when getting started to download the device’s app to your phone (available for iOS and Android). Once installed, the app will walk you through the setup step by step. Next, connect your device to the app using your Bluetooth, and place the Upright Go on your upper back. Don’t’ worry, it is supposed to feel a little strange at first, but most users forget they are even wearing it in no time. And the snug fit ensures it will stay in place during even the most rigorous of activities.

Once the Upright Go is in place, you will need to program your posture into the device. This step will help the trainer get to know what your “correct” posture is, so that it will know when to alert you for slouching. If you spend most of the day on your feet, make sure and calibrate the device while standing. The same should be done if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk.

Two Modes

The device offers two modes that you can switch between throughout the day. You have the option of a “training mode” and a “tracking mode”.

1. Training Mode

If you set it to training mode, the device will vibrate to alert you if you start to slouch. This vibration is quiet enough that others around you shouldn’t notice, but strong enough that it will draw your attention and prompt you to sit up straight just like your mother told you to.

The app on your phone will show you what you did to cause the Upright Go to vibrate. For example, if you happened to have been leaning too far forward, it would show you that. This is an incredibly useful aspect of the device, helping you to understand not just that you were slouching but “HOW” you were slouching, allowing you to make better behavioral changes.

When you slouch, the device will pulse vibrate until you correct your posture. This alert isn’t loud, and shouldn’t draw any attention from people around you, but it is persistent. The vibrating will continue until you sit up.

2. Tracking Mode

If you need full concentration and don’t want to be interrupted by the Upright Go, there is a tracking mode you can switch to. This mode allows the device to track your position, but it will not vibrate. The tracker is really convenient for checking on your progress.

There is a way to adjust the vibration pattern and strength in the app. You will be given a few different choices when it comes to frequency of vibration, and if you want it gentle or intense. It’s nice to have the option to personalize these settings.      

Waterproof and Great for Sports

One would think that a device like this would be waterproof, but it’s not. It is sweat-proof, and that’s good, but don’t try to go swimming with your device on. There is a USB port, as well as a power button that you should avoid getting wet. Too much water will cause the device to break and no longer charge. Sweating from normal activities will not cause any damage, but make sure and remove it before you jump into a shower or go for a swim.

So, Does The Upright Go Posture Trainer Really Work?

If you are willing to make the conscious decision to change your posture, the Upright Go Trainer will work. Over a short period of use, you will likely notice improvements in your posture, and perhaps even confidence. The first few days of use provide a wake-up call to how often you hunch over and slouch. After a few short weeks, you will notice a decrease in the frequencies of vibrations as your body adjusts to better posture.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have the device in training mode all day long. Set a goal for yourself, like a couple of hours, and then you can switch it to tracking mode if you want. If your schedule calls for a lot of bending over it is recommended to track only, that way the device doesn’t constantly go off. Switching to tracking mode will also give you a good idea of how often you’re slouching without the assistance of an annoying reminder.

You don’t have to worry about wearing the device every single day. The Upright Posture company only recommends posture training two to four times a week. You don’t want to rely on the device for corrections, it’s essential to recognize and make corrections on your own. After all, this is a training device.

How Much Does The Upright Go Cost?

This trainer will run you around $80 give or take. That is easily three times more expensive than other non-digital, simple support strap posture trainers, but WAY less expensive than a chiropractor and highly effective.

Before you move on to another option, consider the gain you get from this device. If you have tried other trainers on the market, you know how uncomfortable they can be. Going with a cheaper product means dealing with chafing, restrictive movement, and increased sweating.

The Upright Go is for you if you are looking for something that will track your progress, discretely fit under clothing, and help train your brain to make needed changes. The fact you will be comfortable using this device makes it worth the $80.

Is The Upright Go The Right Device For You?

All and all, this is a great tool to invest in. It actually trains your brain to make changes by teaching you, not by restricting your body. There are a few drawbacks that have been covered in other Upright Go Posture Trainer reviews. If you are not a tech-savvy individual, using your phone to track progress can be a little daunting. The app is simple to follow, but it can be confusing if you don’t like using technology.

If you suffer from sensitive or oily skin, you may have issues with the adhesive strips that come with the device. This isn’t much of a setback, though. Most pharmacies have medical tape for those individuals with sensitive skin. One convenient thing about this device is that the user can easily switch to other adhesives if needed.

You will have to charge the device. A full charge will last eight to ten hours, and then you will have to hook it up to the USB port to re-charge. Some individuals found this task to be annoying, but it’s no different than charging your cell phone.

Final Thoughts About the Upright Go Posture Trainer

Hopefully, this review has helped you understand the Upright Go and all it has to offer. If you’re looking to correct your posture, this is a good choice to consider. Don’t let the $80 price tag deter you, there are a lot of benefits that come with that price. The app is a great tracker when you want to see your progress, and the discrete design allows the user to be confident while wearing it. When it comes to posture trainers, the Upright Go gets a big thumbs up.