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Veda Soothe Review: Does Clarity Nutrition's Formula Work?

More and more people are suffering from joint pain. The fact that there has been such an increase in arthritis and arthritic conditions is due to a number of different things.

Although prescription painkillers and other types of medication are available to help deal with achy joints, most people would rather not take those drugs because they come with negative side effects and some may even have addictive properties.

Fortunately, there are now various supplements that promise to relieve joint pain without any of the nasty side effects.

A new supplement has recently become available, which is Veda Soothe by Clarity Nutrition.

This supplement seems to tick all the boxes. It is made by a reputable company using high quality ingredients, was developed by a renowned and respected physician, and is based on clinical evidence.

However, it is also a completely new product and the latest in a long line of supplements that make such claims.

So, is this a supplement worth trying? And does it really work?

What Is Veda Soothe?

One bottle of Veda Soothe

Veda Soothe is a daily supplement that is based mainly on curcumin turmeric. This spice has been proven to have numerous benefits for health and overall wellness. Additionally, it has been scientifically proven to be a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

The anti-inflammatory nature of curcumin is of particular interest, as the manufacturers of Veda Soothe understand that the majority of people who suffer from joint pain have issues with their NF-kB pathway, which leads to inflammation. Curcumin has been found to have a highly positive effect on this.

The manufacturers have developed a product that does more than just fight inflammation, however. They have added a range of other natural ingredients to increase the bioavailability of the curcumin.

And, in so doing, the supplement helps a range of other conditions as well. This is a holistic, full body supplement, therefore, based on the ancient practices of Ayurvedic medicine.

About Clarity Nutrition

Clarity Nutrition is a company that focuses on improving natural health. They have developed a range of different supplements to support their mission, but they do more as well. They believe that the health care system in this country is broken, because its aim is to offer quick fix solutions that address only the symptoms of a disease and not the disease itself.

On the other hand, Clarity Nutrition develops solutions that focus on overall wellness. They believe the big pharmaceutical companies are interested in developing customers rather than cures, and this needs to change.

According to Clarity Nutrition, people can become empowered through good health. They want to develop products that inspire everyday individuals to retake ownership of their own bodies. They also believe people should be treated as people, with the respect they deserve. They aim to achieve this by developing supplements that contain nothing but the highest quality ingredients, from sustainable, natural sources, backed by real science.

Who Is Dr. Robert Darling?

Dr. Robert Darling is the doctor behind Veda Soothe Joint Health Supplement

The formulator behind Veda Soothe is Dr. Robert Darling. He was part of the White House Medical Unit and was the first ever emergency medicine physician to become board certified.

He remained part of the White House’s medical team for many years, offering protective medical support and primary care to President Clinton and Vice President Gore, as well as their immediate families and other senior officials in the White House. He delivered his services both in the White House and during global travel and presidential visits.

While working for the White House, Dr. Robert Darling provided medical services, both emergency and preventive, in some 40 countries around the world. Many of them were third world, underdeveloped countries where medical services were very limited.

He also practiced on various official aircrafts and vehicles, including Air Force One and Marine One. Furthermore, he was part of the U.S. Secret Service, working on preparing for unconventional weapons attacks, focusing particularly on  BRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense) training, as well as on emergency preparedness and readiness programs.

While President Bill Clinton was in office, he sent only two emails. One was facilitated by Dr. Darling, which was sent on November 6, 1998. The email was sent to Space Shuttle Discovery’s astronaut John Glenn and President Clinton used Darling’s personal laptop computer to send this message.

Dr. Darling's Credentials

Dr. Darling served in the United States Navy as a Captain between 1981 and 2006. He has been recognized numerous times and he received the following awards:

  • The Defense Meritorious Service Medal
  • The Presidential Service Badge
  • Two Navy Commendation Medals
  • Two Meritorious Service Medals
  • Two National Defense Service Ribbons
  • The Army Commendation Medal
  • Two Navy Achievement Medals
  • Two Joint Meritorious Unit Commendations
  • The Sea Service Ribbon

Dr. Darling has also written and edited a number of books, focusing on disaster medicine and emergency medicine clinics. He has also written a number of peer reviewed articles on issues, such as defense training, smallpox vaccinations, bioterrorism, and biological warfare.

Through his personal experiences, Dr. Darling felt it was time to develop a product that would work on providing people with relief from joint pain. Having traveled to many different countries and seen so many different medicinal practices, he became particularly interested in Ayurvedic medicine. This may be an ancient practice, but it is one that has been scientifically confirmed to be effective in modern clinical trials.

Ayurveda is based on harnessing the power of nature, and this was what interested Dr. Darling. He then got to work on trying to find a company that could provide him with the highest quality, purest ingredients for the creation of his supplement, and he identified Clarity Nutrition as the best company to work with. The rest, as they say, is history.

How Does It Work?

Clarity Nutrition’s Veda Soothe Curcumin Turmeric is a very easy to use product. People only need to take one capsule before a meal, to be repeated once more if they want to.

The main ingredient in the product is curcumin, which is a natural remedy that has been used in various medicinal practices for its health boosting abilities. Specifically, it has been found to be highly beneficial in the treatment of pain caused by injury or arthritis.

Benefits of Veda Soothe

How curcumin works has been extensively researched my medical and clinical scientists. It appears that the substance has an impact on cell signaling pathways, including NF-kB, which is the pathway to inflammation.

Because curcumin has an impact on cellular signals, it has been scientifically observed to have chemo-preventive, anti-cancer, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. Those are significant findings that clearly demonstrate it is a powerful natural substance for reducing inflammation which improves overall health and wellness. Specifically, curcumin is derived from turmeric, a spice that is used extensively in various cuisines, but particularly Indian cooking. 

The Problem With Regular Tumeric

Unfortunately, as a standalone spice, turmeric is not very bioavailable. The bioactive element is curcumin, however. Turmeric itself comes from the rhizomes (underground stems) and roots of the Curcuma longa plant. The rhizomes and roots are boiled, dried, and ground in order to create the spice.

Turmeric has been used for cooking for thousands of years, but it has also always been a part of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Specifically, it was used to treat infections, liver conditions, digestive disorders, and inflammation, which is what Veda Soothe is focused on.

Turmeric continues to be very popular as a spice in many forms of cuisine. However, it is increasingly being used as a therapeutic agent, and particularly in the treatment of joint pain and arthritis. It has been extensively reviewed by scientists and it is undeniably effective. Indeed, there have been numerous preclinical studies that have found a wealth of benefits associated with turmeric, and particularly with the bioactive curcumin compound that it contains.

The Ingredients

Veda soothe ingredients label

Clarity Nutrition and Dr. Darling are both 100% committed to transparency and openness. This is why they have clearly listed the ingredients of Veda Soothe on their website.

What matters is that while curcumin may be the bioactive part of turmeric, the body actually struggles to properly absorb it.

This is why Clarity Nutrition has created a blend of five different ingredients, thereby increasing bioavailability. One of those five ingredients is Bioperine.

This is a compound that has been scientifically proven to make it easier for the body to absorb healthy substances. It works in synergy with the curcumin, making it possible for the body to access all the different curcumin benefits.

Clarity Nutrition is proud to have developed products based on the purest, most natural, sustainable ingredients. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Darling chose this company as manufacturer of his supplement. Veda Soothe is 100% natural and non-GMO, and is free of fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients.

  • Curcumin, as explained, is a strong anti-inflammatory agent that has been successfully used in the treatment of various conditions for hundreds of years.
  • Bioperine is a black pepper fruit extract has also been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Its main bioactive element is pepperine, which has been proven to boost metabolism, prevent oxidative damage, support weight loss, stimulate digestion, and support immune function. Of interest here is the effectiveness of the combination of curcumin and bioperine, as it makes the former more bioavailable by supporting absorption in the gut. Indeed, the increase in bioavailability of other ingredients such as curcumin when combined with pepperine has been extensively researched.
  • Boswellia resin extract is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents known to man. Specifically, it has been scientifically proven to inhibit 5-OX, which is a natural enzyme that activates inflammation-inducing leukotrienes. Because inflammatory pain is one of the main reasons why neuropathy hurts so much, this is a very important ingredient. It is important that the extract in this supplement is from the resin, which means it has high levels of acetyl-11-keto-B-boswellic acid (AKBA ). The higher the percentage of AKBA, the better it works.
  • Cissus quadrangularis stem extract has been used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, where it has been used for many things from handling stomach upsets to healing bone fractures. It has also been scientifically proven to be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, and therefore diabetic neuropathy, by helping to reduce obesity and stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  • Ginger root extract is the ingredient that has been used by many people to relieve pain and inflammation. Moreover, ginger root extract has been scientifically proven to act on two levels. First of all, it helps to reduce inflammation, which in turn decreases the level of pain. Secondly, it works on actually repairing damages to the nerves.

Main Benefits

There are numerous benefits associated with Veda Soothe, such as the fact that:

  • It can help reduce painful inflammation, reduce back pain and relieve achy joints
  • It supports overall wellness and the immune system.
  • checkIt may also improve brain function.
  • checkIt supports a boost in mood and energy.
  • checkThe product is Made in USA
  • checkIt is made from natural ingredients, free from preservatives, binders, fillers, or GMOs.
  • checkClarity Nutrition is a highly respected and trusted manufacturer.

Side Effects

Curcumin comes from turmeric, which is a natural spice that is used a lot in cooking. It is not known to cause any significant side effects. However, some people have experienced a few mild issues, including diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, and stomach upsets.

There has also been one report of someone developing a dangerously abnormal rhythm of the heart, but they were found to have taken over 1,500mg twice per day for a significant period of time. Overall, therefore, Veda Soothe is completely safe to take.

Customer Complaints

Perhaps, because the product is relatively new, there have not been any customer complaints yet. Additionally, it appears that only a limited batch of the product will be made available, which could cause some issues. Lastly, the product is quite expensive.

Reviews: Are They Positive?

Because the product is relatively new, no positive reviews have been left yet either. However, there have been numerous reviews in relation to curcumin supplements in general. Particularly, people have noticed a significant positive impact on their joint functionality.

Furthermore, people have noticed that curcumin helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Lastly, those who have used other curcumin supplements that are of similar quality to that of Veda Soothe have noticed that it has enabled them to move away from both over-the-counter and prescription painkillers, which is precisely what Dr. Darling wants to achieve.

Money Back Guarantee

The company offers a 100% 60-day money back guarantee. They are sure that their product will work but if there are people who do not benefit from curcumin, they can send back their order for a refund, no questions asked. The company stands by every product that it manufacturers and they believe that if their product doesn’t deliver, the customer shouldn’t pay for it either.

Final Conclusion

Overall, if you are looking to purchase a supplement that clearly supports a healthy and active lifestyle, then Veda Soothe is for you. It is made of only natural ingredients, which means you won’t harm yourself or the planet.

It is also supported scientific evidence and comes with a full money back guarantee, meaning you can try it risk free. Unfortunately, it is a new product so it is hard to find real customer experiences, but it is expected that they will soon start to come forward.

While Veda Soothe seems to be a good choice, there are other more established joint supplements with excellent customer reviews such as PuraThrive Curcumin Gold containing similar ingredients which may also be worth checking out.

Where To Buy

Our recommendation is to purchase Veda Soothe directly from the Clarity Nutrition website or through pages that are officially affiliated with Dr. Darling. We do not recommend that you purchase the product through Amazon.